Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Homeschool Day

No traditional school for us today. It was a wet, cold and dreary day. We had an 8am eye appointment. Then we rushed back to make some "wash day" soup for lunch. We read from our latest book Earthborn. Then headed back out to a couple of dental appointments. I thought it was interesting that my 9yr old seemed to be more aware of things going on. He showed a great deal of interest at the optometrist's office. They were very nice and accommodating too. They even showed him how the boxes with the animals work. Since he does not need glasses, he had not been there in a long time. Sister has astigmatism and is nearsighted. He was able to see how all the instruments they use work to get the best lenses for her vision. So although we did not have traditional school, we did have school of sorts. It was more a like a field trip! By the way, hot chocolate and some banana nut cake sure make a yummy breakfast on a day like today. YUM!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Evening!!

Ok. This counts as part of our homeschool life. After all this is how our homeschool began. hehehe

Yesterday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary. We met in high school and got married 5yrs later. Nope. I couldn't stay away from him and he couldn't stay away from me either. say the least. We have had our ups and downs like any normal couple. Nothing really to break us up. Just the normal things. 2 kids, several pets, vacations, illness, family, and many more "normal" issues. This last year was the most dramatic. He has gone thru a couple of job losses and finance changes which we had never experienced before. All the while thru stress and all, we continue holding on. Yes, there have been times 1 or the other needs a "break" or to get away, but we are still here and have made it thru another year. So not expecting anything special on our 19th, we went thru our day as any other Sunday. Except that the excitement was building! Why? Well on Saturday morning we knew that we didn't have a dollar to our name, but it was ok. I was just happy to have food on the table and gas in the car. Then we got a phone call from a friend. He insisted we go out with him and friends. Before we had a chance to convince him we couldn't, he purchased concert tickets online. So there we were, shocked and grateful. He treated us to the Darius Rucker concert. The really interesting thing about that is that he didn't even know it was our anniversary. It was so much fun! We left our kids at home and went out with 2 adults to a concert. Reminded me of the "good ol' days". I actually forgot about all that has been going on the last few months. I really needed it. I was so relaxed I gave a few shouts and sang right along. When it was all over, I was ready to get back to my kids who I had left behind with another good friend and their uncle. hehehe So we got back to our "normal" life at 11pm. It sure was a great 19th anniversary. Ready to go another year.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Same ol',same ol'....

Hi, you probably thought I was no longer here. Well sometimes I feel like I'm not. hehehe Life keeps me busy. I actually have posted a few times, but they are still in the draft section of my blog. It just seems like I don't have the want to or the energy to post lately. We have had a tummy virus and it has almost made its rounds to everyone in the family. I had other issues this week as well and it is difficult to school on such days. The reason for my posting this negative post is the header on my blog. I am supposed to be recording the good and the bad of my homeschool life. So to me, this is the bad side. No matter how much school is the most important part of our day, life has a way of prioritizing for me. The goal of course, is to do some form of schooling no matter what. How do we manage that? This blog is about homeschooling after all. hehehe Well we read in bed, play educational games... Yes even Monopoly can be educational! My son has learned to count money very well with that game. I have a site that sends file folder math games. They are easy and just something to keep them going. The math is easy to take care of because even if I am not up to playing games, they can do some worksheets. Then they have some Language Arts. I have a few books that they can work in if they need to do something that I don't have to actually teach. We have also been working on a maps and globes lapbook from Hands of a Child. They are older now too so it's a lot easier. They are now able to read instructions and understand what they are to do. We have taken a few field trips to nature trails and such to keep them thinking and learning. It also gets us out of the house and gives us fresh air and refreshes our minds. Certainly it is not just about academics. Life has plenty of lessons for us as well. We have had a few deaths amongst our friends and family which helps the children learn compassion and kindness and how to give comfort. In being helpful in someone else's time of need, they learn to make application and importance of scriptural guidance. The lesson for me here is that I have learned that I am not a failure as a mother or a teacher. I am able to persevere under our circumstances and help the children learn thru life's lessons. Well guess that's all for now. Until next time. Hope its soon! Happy homeschooling!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well another week started. Thursdays and Fridays have not been very good school days. Seems those errands and interruptions have decided those days belong to them. This week we will be extra special busy. Starting Tuesday evening we will have a special week of activity. The ministry will be our main focus. It will be good for public speaking and volunteer work.

We will still try to do the 3 R's for school. Today was the boy's 1st composition. We began with something simple. A paragraph of only 3 sentences. Right now he is just adding adjectives. He is working on the format of a paragraph. He did some reading and language arts as well. I see alot of improvement from him since last year.

The girl read and worked on critical thinking and some language arts. She sure is reading a lot. and she has done a great job with her art. She is very creative. My shadow is in the way, but here is her interpretation of the scripture Matthew 19:6.

The hand around the wedding couple represents God yoking the 2 together.

Well that's it for today. Until next time!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well, school has been slow going. Too much to do and too many interruptions. Last week I had to make preparations and clean up. We made tamales on Saturday. We really began on Friday. That's when I started putting meat in the crock pot. We also had a grown up sleepover. Mamo is really the tamale maker and she likes to get started at 7am so we can finish and be ready to eat by 5pm. There was no time for school except home ec. hehehe Then the kids can see how much work goes into making tamales. The fruits of our labor can be so worth it. YUM!

Monday we worked on some reading and language arts. Today, the girl was not feeling well, but we did some school anyway. It was really fun and I couldn't wait to post about this. I had heard about online classes given in a webinar. I had never tried them. Science Jim had a free online class thru Currclick. It was fun and informative. Even my 8yr old enjoyed the class. It was on Atoms. It was very cool. I have just a few pictures posted. They didn't take notes, but I did. We did receive some info before we even had the class. Basically it was what he said in a 45 minute class, but on paper. If you ever get the chance to do this, I recommend it. We did not need a webcam for this class. Some do require it though. We were able to ask questions online too. Now don't look at the mess on my desk. hehehe It's about how attentive the kids were during the class. Another good thing was that we didn't have to get all dressed up to go out. It took place right there in front of our monitor. Science Jim was great!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Email and Other Online Reads

I don't know if you're like me, but I sure do get a lot of email. Yes, some of it is from the groups I'm on. Most of it is from online magazines. "What kind?" you ask. All kinds! Mostly homeschool things. I do have a few other things as well. Cooking, decorating, how to's, financial, you name it they are there. I was thinking about this because when I don't look at my email for a day or so, there could be hundreds. I rarely can go a week without looking. I have most of my groups on special notice. The other things seem to come in on a daily basis. I change around and get off email lists all the time of course. As the children have grown and things in life change, so do the emails. I no longer receive anything on preschool or how to homeschool. I have changed other online mags as well. When I begin to realize that I no longer care to look at one, I send a request to be unsubscribed from their list. Then when I look thru the ones I do have and I find an article I think I could use, I print it out and save it in my school planner. I usually just print pieces that I find helpful. Whether it be an idea on organization or tips for teaching handwriting. I use them as reminders. I even print out scriptures and/or supporting materials that I know I will be needing to read again one day. Does it sound like too much? Maybe. I know it helps me to have those things where I will see them. hehe As things keep changing in my life, I will continue getting off some lists and on to others. I'm sure I'm not the only one that does this. hehe

Now for school topic. We read books, worked on some math, did some home ec., and our weekly Bible reading. Nothing really to post about. Just the usual. They are doing well in their subjects and moving right along.

Btw, there is a great picture of a cave on the National Geographic POD on the right side of my blog.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Week

Well we started off like a firecracker. A big bang with lots of fun and color and ended with a fizz. hehehe Oh well. We schooled really well the 1st 3 days then a few things came up that we needed to get taken care of by the last 2 days of the week. Today is Monday and we missed it too. Well tomorrow is Tuesday and I hope and pray to be back on schedule. I have some math, writing, and science ready to go. It is the 2nd day of the week and I have to keep that in mind. Of course the whole world is on holiday today because it is Memorial Day. I wasn't planning on taking the day off but that's how it worked out. I'm ready. I hope they are too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

--------------------------------Hump Day!

Ok today is Wednesday. It's over and I am so glad. The boy and I got up at 7:30, but the girl didn't even budge until 8:30. It was the longest and hardest day so far. The boy was so moody that I had to keep reminding myself it's only the 3rd day. He was very upset about lunch. He wanted pizza and she wanted a taquito. The drama continued until around 5pm. Nope. No pictures today. hehehe I can only imagine the faces I'd see.

We did put in a full day of school. After breakfast we worked on Language Arts, Science, and Writing. We did some oral reading, chores, and a little more science with our wonderful new video. Today was still good. I hope we can still keep up our schedule. It's always a challenge since I'm a "stay at home" mom. hehehe


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

-------------------------------Another Day

I know it's only the second day, but it has gone very well. Especially since we are now waking at 7am. Yesterday I thought I would pass out by 1:30pm. Today we didn't feel sleepy until 3pm. We didn't nap because I was afraid we wouldn't be able to sleep. hehehe They are doing really well getting up so early. No grouches. Still going slow and easy. Math, reading, and some arts and crafts. We made some Happy Hanger Apples to decorate our school area. We will try to do some decorating monthly. It helps with their fine motor skills and of course it's fun. After we were done we went outside for some exercise for kids and mascot. Then we stayed outside and I read a book titled Schooled, about a homeschool kid, while they worked on some art. I am enjoying getting up early. It allows us more time for some fun.

---------------------1st Day of School!

Finally. I thought it would never get here. Even the kids missed school. Well you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. hehehe Here are our 1st day of school pictures. We waited until 5:30pm to go by the water to take these.

They sure have grown. We had a great 1st day. Started nice and easy. A good breakfast with whole grains and fruit then a walk around the block. When we got back, the school mascot took a nap and we got to work. We sat on the sofa and cuddled while reading Tiki Tiki Tembo by Arlene Mosel. I know my babies are growing, but that's one of the perks about homeschooling. They still like to cuddle. Afterwards they worked on math, writing, and reading. Here is what the bulletin board looks like now. Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

---------------------Getting Ready For Tomorrow!

Woo hoo! I'm excited even if no one else is. I will leave their schedules on their desks tonight along with some treats. We will take pictures tomorrow afternoon when the "principal" gets home from his "other" job. I have really been working hard on cleaning up and cleaning out the school area. I am posting pictures from one side to the other. These are a couple of our bookshelves. Of course, as any homeschooler, we have bookshelves in each room of our house. Yes, they are all loaded with books. I LOVE BOOKS! hehehe

The principal and I went out to get some treats for their 1st day of school too. He helped me decorate. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them. I have a few new games we can play. I found some math and geography games to help with our memory and for fun. We will begin lightly tomorrow. Mostly the 3 R's. We will also be incorporating more home ec. I am not quite ready with their schedules, but I have to start sometime and if I put it off, it will not get done. Hope to post more tomorrow. For now I have to hit the sack, since I will be trying to get up early. I don't want to be a grouchy zombie tomorrow. hehehe

Friday, August 28, 2009

Out With the Old, In With the New

Isn't it nice to start new. It's like Spring. hehehe You know, when everything looks nice and fresh and bright green. New books, pencils, pens, paper, and a new schedule. It's almost time to start up again. We have only the weekend left. On Monday we will have an easy day. Just going over expectations, the schedule, and their new chores.

This week was all theirs. They have nothing to do and all the time to do it in. hehehe I have repeatedly asked if they are bored and the answer is always, "No". They have gone swimming, read books, slept in, woke up early, attended the District Convention, played with friends, cooked, had hard times, good times, and some easy times.

We collected bugs.

We went swimming.

We rescued birds.

We rekindled old friendships.
Recharged our spiritual batteries.
Now it is time to get back to our school schedule. Hopefully I won't be too tired to post on Monday with new 1st day of school pictures.

Friday, August 14, 2009

All About Timing

Hm? Where does the time go? It seems these days that it goes by all too quickly and then it's time to start dinner. No, I'm not talking about the years. I'm talking about the hours. Between laundry, bathroom cleaning, sweeping (just to mention a few)and the other chores we have around here, it seems as though there isn't enough time to get in all the fun and schooling we want. The good thing about a new year is that we can try again. You know, something different. We go thru our planners or schedules and keep what worked and throw out what didn't. So as I go thru the blogs I have stored in my Favorites list, I find things I can glean. Some school in the mornings, some in the afternoons, and some in the evenings. Others do what I like to call grazing. hehehe You know a little here and there and take a few breaks. We are all different and there is no right or wrong way. Its whatever works for each of us. With all of our different circumstances, we have to keep in mind what's important. Our child's education, bonding, fun, spirituality, or all of the above. Whatever is most important to YOU. The parent.

So one of the things I was thinking of trying was wo
rking with each child individually for 20 minutes. Although I only have 2 and they are 8 and 13, they still require some one on one. That's not a bad thing. I like it. I get to see what they need help on or how they think to come up with the answers. I'm undecided. Maybe 20 minutes each then a 20 minute break. Then I can give them things that they can work on by themselves. Like if I start with the oldest one for 20 minutes then let her work alone for 20 minutes. That will give me time to work for 20 minutes uninterrupted with the younger one then give him some time to work alone. After that we can take a 20 minute break so I can do some housework. Then we can start again. Maybe using the same method. The problem I have is the constant interruptions. Not just the phone and other external things, but from people that get bored while waiting their turn. hehehe

Well these are just my thoughts for today. The b
est I can hope for is the chance to keep trying and hopefully we will find what works. I do like the chance for a fresh start the next year. It also keeps ME from getting bored. hehehe After all, they are growing up quickly. Soon they won't need my help like that anymore, so I have to make the best of the time we have together.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something New

Ok, first of all, I just want to say that I changed my music playlist. I wanted it to reflect how I feel about my family....even if they do drive me CRAZY at times. hehehe

Now to get to what this blog is all about. We haven't been working on school too much except to do some writing, Bible reading, meeting prep, a little math, and art. Not much, right? hehehe
Today I will begin working on a schedule. Hopefully we will be able to keep up with it, but we will do our best. For me, I need things written down that I can see to help keep me on track. I am wanting to have at least 1 full day in the ministry so that must be included. Of course, we will still have out weekend for that as well, but since we are living in "critical times, hard to deal with" I thought this would be good for me. As soon as I get it all together, I will post my page on here. This is all the update I have for now. I may be on again later. hehehe

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Method Are You?

This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. We started with a box curriculum. I loved it. I still do. Its hard to get away from it. Although it wasn't perfect, the teacher's manuals are a gold mine. So, thank you, CALVERT. I couldn't have done it without you. or maybe I could have, but I'm glad I didn't. I was looking thru the spring magazine from TOS and saw an article on the different methods of homeschooling. There are many styles. After reading it, I consider myself Eclectic. It is defined as a "mix of philosophies and curricula to accommodate each child's abilities and interests. Parents choose from any method or style only those components that fit their specific needs." I like the Charlotte Mason method, but I am still learning. I have learned to like Unit Studies by doing lapbooking. I think the Principle Approach is important because it puts emphasis on God's Word. A couple of examples of this is when we do our Bible reading or anytime we do nature study. The Classical approach uses the five tools of learning, known as the Trivium. They are reason, record, research, relate, and rhetoric. It is to teach people how to learn for themselves. This is important especially when getting ready for college. And who doesn't use Delight Directed? Isn't that what homeschool is all about? This is where learning is based on the child's interests. On the other hand, Unschooling is a relaxed setting in which learning is directed by the child. Last but not least, Traditional Textbook. This is a full-range, packaged, textbook type curriculum. Like my Calvert. hehe A little of everything suits us just fine. We have good easy days and some very busy difficult days. Sometimes its easier on all of us to just do what we like for that day. I'm sure this happens in all homeschoolers lives. So, what method are you?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Here

Today I was thinking about my blog and school. I haven't done much of either. Today was especially difficult due to a migraine that arrived Tuesday afternoon and didn't leave until Wednesday night. ha ha! Nope I'm not talking about a guest. I am talking about a real painful no light no noise debilitating throbbing can't even move my head headache. Of course life doesn't stop because of it. The trick is to train the children and do things as slowly and light as possible. It's good to teach them how to make their own lunch. They also helped taking care of the pets. They are old enough. I sure do appreciate them.

We did work on math today. She did multiplication and he did some regrouping subtracting double digits. I also looked at this web page Lesson plans and worksheets from They had some books that will go with a study on bones or vertebrates.

Well tomorrow is another day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's Events

I will start with the fun stuff today. After dinner was a fun lesson in chemistry. Dad and son made some edible wart drops and some fizzy drinks. Have you ever heard of Doctor Dreadful? We found this chemistry set in the toy aisle a few years ago. They are sweet and sour mixes you eat or drink. Comes with recipes and all the beakers and other lab equipment needed. Son always enjoys brewing up a new concoction with his mad scientist laugh. muahahaha

Earlier in the day we took a 20min walk out by the water. Before we got to the trail we saw this in the road. We think it is a yellow rat snake. Too bad someone didn't like him crossing the road. hehehe

Of course there were other things in school today. Math is always done. Home Ec is another daily subject. We had some delicious buttermilk cornbread made by Daughter and Son helped with a little laundry. Let's see what's on for tomorrow? Hope it's more yummies made by the kids. hehehe

Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you say, "I love homeschool!"?

Just having some fun with a magnetic board. See the skateboarder going up the ramp?

This is their favorite place when we read. Mom and Dad's bed. Having a snack while I read from One Eyed Cat. Even the dogs and cats enjoy reading time.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
After math, we had a nice easy day. I read stories from a couple of books and they drew pictures or had a snack while they listened. I love homeschooling, spending time with my babies, and being their teacher.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Books!

I love books! I'm so excited. We didn't stay home for school today. We went to the bookstore and i bought 2 books for our lapbook. hehehe We are still working on the HOAC lapbook on American Indians.
We should start reading these on Monday. We also got some bamboo so we could make a teepee in the backyard. We got the link from a homeschool group. The kids can't wait to get started. I will be posting those pictures soon too. Hope the weather stays good.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Time sure does fly by. This week we began working on a new lapbook about the American Indians. We are doing it as an online co-op. Which means that I have to do something each day and hopefully we will finish in 2 weeks. Of course life doesn't always let my plans work on such a timely manner so I think it will end up being 3 weeks. hehehe
The other thing we have been working on is getting our school area cleaned up and organized. I just don't feel motivated unless i can find our books and school desks. The kids have been very excited about it. It made me think about what grocery stores do to get our attention. I have a few friends that work for several stores restocking. They make rounds to different stores changing things out on the shelves. Putting things more accessible and eye catching. This is the same thing I did. We have the same books, shelves, and desks, but because they are placed in a different part of the room, it is more appealing. Today the boy went looking in all the drawers for "new" things to play with. The girl pulled out different books to read. hehehe I am still organizing but making these learning tools easily accessible has giving us a sense of refreshment.
Here's our school area so far.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Classroom Pet

This is a Northern Walking Stick. We don't see much of these little guys around these parts. This one was swimming around in our pool. Hubby has been working on getting it ready and they found one in there the day before too. That one died. Too much shock in the water. Son saved this one. We didn't think he'd make it. When we first got him out, he just lay there.
As you can see now, he is safe and sound in our critter box with his food and water.

It eats rose, oak, and apple leaves. We have also noticed that it likes swimming in water. It keeps getting inside it's water bowl and stays for a bit then comes back out. I think this is a female. We read that females have a glossy hard appearance like polished wood. Don't know how long we'll keep it. There are many sites with instructions on how to care for them as pets.
After preparing it's new home, we played Mexican Bingo. The kids love calling the cards out. They have to say the words in Spanish. It's good for them.......and fun. Then we played a game called Memory Madness. It has hundreds of subjects and you have to try to remember as many items as you can. The first person to hesitate loses that round. For instance, the card may say "Names of Apostles". Then we would go around to each person and they must name one. There are so many subjects. From foods to even historical events. It was fun and sure did help end our day on a good note. Boy did I need it today. hehehe

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Is Here!

It's true. Signs are everywhere. Not only has the daydreaming begun, but so have the whiny voices of children. It seems as though it is getting harder and harder to get thru 1 lesson. The birds are chirping, squirrels are eating, and the sun is burning bright.

This critter was stealing some string for her nest Sunday morning.

Monday was sooo pretty that we decided to go outside for some reading time. Under the shade was just perfect. I love being able to go outside whenever we want.

Today was very light. Mostly just worked on our lapbooks. It's nice that we can do that since I had a headache all day. Ah the joys of homeschooling. I will truly cherish these days with my children. I love you, Guys!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is This Homeschooling?

*A warning for the squeamish * The pictures you are about to see are not for the faint of heart.

Normally I myself would never have stood for such a thing. I have learned that as a homeschooling family there are many things that will change in our lives. What I was afraid of before has now become a curiosity. I do things that I never thought I would do. Are you ready?

Keep going..........

Scared? hehehe

Well here it is!

Yes. This nasty little guy was in my pantry. Why is it alive you ask? Well, because of the 2 faces that keep peering into the critter box. We discovered we had an invader since yesterday. As Dad and I were discussing how to get rid of it, our daughter was appalled that we would set regular mouse traps out. So we decided to set the sticky kind out. Did it get caught there? No! Believe me, I sure am glad about that. The next morning our cat Dora found it and was playing a game of catch and release with it. Daughter nonchalantly turned to me and said, "So he came out?" I looked to see what she was talking about and ran across the room the other way screaming. hehehe After I regained my composer, I grabbed a large empty coffee can and chased it around trying to catch it. It took 20 minutes.

While we were practicing our writing, the kids kept taking turns peaking into the coffee can. I was afraid it would jump out. So i looked for our old critter box, cleaned it up and filled it with some guinea pig bedding we have. NO! We are not planning on keeping it. No matter how cute the kids think he is. It is for observation ONLY . I don't care how much they cry. hehehe

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Here is what we've been doing this week.

Since the girl loves horses, I thought it would be fun and educational for her to do a lapbook on horses.

The boy is working on his own lapbook. Learning all he can about snakes, of course.

So far they have worked on vocabulary, classification and geography. This is their second lapbook and I'm sure it won't be the last. Lapbooking covers quite a few subjects. The hands on learning they get from it helps them retain the information. They get up in the morning and it is already set up at the kitchen table. They begin working and reading right away. Best of all it's fun! Can't wait to see the finished product. I'll be posting that soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goings On

Here's my girl. She loves that horse.

Isn't he cute?

We have been very busy lately. Our schooling sure has changed. I actually like it ..... a lot. I can't believe it. Me! The queen of perfectionism. I always loved playing school when I was a kid. I remember having a biiiggg chalkboard when I was 6. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. hehe Of course, that was not the path I chose as a high school graduate. Because I graduated 10th in my class, I thought "riches" was what I needed. Once I had my kids, it was all a different story. I wanted to be with them 24hrs a day. hehehe I just wanted to enjoy them as much as possible. All the while knowing they will be leaving me someday. Hopefully they will look back on this time with fond memories of their mom and their education. So, "what's the big deal?" you ask. Well normally we use Calvert curriculum. I do love it and it is hard to stray. hehehe Lately we have some circumstances that have caused me to take a look at our schooling and our daily life. As we see things in this system (from a worldly standpoint) quickly coming to a crescendo, we see a need for change. The children need to learn to put God 1st. We can do both. Time is so limited these days. There is no way we can do all we need to do in a day. The best thing is to study from our Bible based publications and use them for schooling. I never would have thought I'd be doing that. I guess it's considered unschooling? Maybe there's another term for it. Today, we used our study book to learn punctuation. Of course the older one knows, but the younger still needs practice learning what a complete sentence is. He is only 8 years old. I thought he already knew everything. hehehe Well I will have to explain more thoroughly. Tonight is not the night. It will have to wait. Besides I think I have said enough. Until next time!