Friday, April 9, 2010

Library Today

Have you been to the library lately?   If you are a homeschool mom, I'm sure you have.   Maybe not this week but within the year.   I usually just go to pick something up and leave.    Today I started looking thru the shelves.   I'm speaking particularly of the biographies, kids biographies.    Gone are the days of Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Franklin, and Johannes Gutenberg.  (sigh)  I was looking for a book on Amelia Earhart and couldn't find anything.   I did find other inventors and such, don't misunderstand me.   I was just surprised at the amount of books on Christina Aguilera, Tupac, Beyonce and others such as that.   When did singers and actors become today's role models?   Or so important that they had so many of those types of books.  I know they have always had followers, but in our library I found quite a few books on "stars" rather than on the stars.   I was young once.   I remember reading about my favorite actor's or singer's likes and dislikes.   What I'm talking about is the change in morals and desires.   I know we have already had the 1st lady astronaut or the 1st lady speaker of the house, but surely our kids must aspire to more than getting paid for acting or singing.   Not that these people haven't broken barriers in their profession.   It's just not what I would like for my children to base their lives existence on.  We all can choose how to raise our children.   It is our choice to train them or encourage them toward something.   I really just hadn't noticed those books nor their importance in our life.   That's another reason to love homeschooling.   I can choose what my children watch and can encourage their interests in the direction which I see fit.  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Long Month!

I'm not complaining though. It's been a good busy month of March. Time just goes too fast. Today we will be working on our Amelia Earhart lapbook. Time to get back on track.

Last month we barely kept up with our math, writing, reading and our ministry.   The weather is warming up but still very windy.   I have a few things planned, so we will see if you get them all done.   Can't wait to get back on schedule.   Neither can the kids.   They asked when we'd be starting again.   hehehe  Just the words I love to hear!  The girl should begin her piano lessons this month too.   The boy will begin guitar soon.   Haven't found the right teacher yet.   They are growing fast.

I hope to keep up with my blogging this month, but if not I'm sure I will be updating soon.