Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Homeschool Life

Time flies when your living life by the seat of your pants.   The kids just keep growing and learning and maturing.   Sometimes I feel like they'll be leaving me behind too soon, but other times I feel like it's not soon enough.   What can I say, I'm a true homeschool mom!  Ahahahaha! 

Quick rundown of our happenings:  This summer we attended 2 homeschool conventions.   It was so much fun with the family.   They learned a lot too.  We even got to see a porcupine at one.  They had all kinds of exotic animals on display. The kids had a look at all the books and really loved Rainbow Resource.  Of course we picked up a few things!

They are also doing well with their French lessons.  This is the 2nd year.   Son wants to take French 3, mostly cause he likes the class.   Daughter does not.   She was never really into it.  I do want them to take a different language.   Perhaps something that they would actually use in our area.   We'll see.  

Well, gotta run!   Yesterday was our anniversary and we are heading out the door to go for a late celebration.