Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Evening!!

Ok. This counts as part of our homeschool life. After all this is how our homeschool began. hehehe

Yesterday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary. We met in high school and got married 5yrs later. Nope. I couldn't stay away from him and he couldn't stay away from me either. say the least. We have had our ups and downs like any normal couple. Nothing really to break us up. Just the normal things. 2 kids, several pets, vacations, illness, family, and many more "normal" issues. This last year was the most dramatic. He has gone thru a couple of job losses and finance changes which we had never experienced before. All the while thru stress and all, we continue holding on. Yes, there have been times 1 or the other needs a "break" or to get away, but we are still here and have made it thru another year. So not expecting anything special on our 19th, we went thru our day as any other Sunday. Except that the excitement was building! Why? Well on Saturday morning we knew that we didn't have a dollar to our name, but it was ok. I was just happy to have food on the table and gas in the car. Then we got a phone call from a friend. He insisted we go out with him and friends. Before we had a chance to convince him we couldn't, he purchased concert tickets online. So there we were, shocked and grateful. He treated us to the Darius Rucker concert. The really interesting thing about that is that he didn't even know it was our anniversary. It was so much fun! We left our kids at home and went out with 2 adults to a concert. Reminded me of the "good ol' days". I actually forgot about all that has been going on the last few months. I really needed it. I was so relaxed I gave a few shouts and sang right along. When it was all over, I was ready to get back to my kids who I had left behind with another good friend and their uncle. hehehe So we got back to our "normal" life at 11pm. It sure was a great 19th anniversary. Ready to go another year.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Same ol',same ol'....

Hi, you probably thought I was no longer here. Well sometimes I feel like I'm not. hehehe Life keeps me busy. I actually have posted a few times, but they are still in the draft section of my blog. It just seems like I don't have the want to or the energy to post lately. We have had a tummy virus and it has almost made its rounds to everyone in the family. I had other issues this week as well and it is difficult to school on such days. The reason for my posting this negative post is the header on my blog. I am supposed to be recording the good and the bad of my homeschool life. So to me, this is the bad side. No matter how much school is the most important part of our day, life has a way of prioritizing for me. The goal of course, is to do some form of schooling no matter what. How do we manage that? This blog is about homeschooling after all. hehehe Well we read in bed, play educational games... Yes even Monopoly can be educational! My son has learned to count money very well with that game. I have a site that sends file folder math games. They are easy and just something to keep them going. The math is easy to take care of because even if I am not up to playing games, they can do some worksheets. Then they have some Language Arts. I have a few books that they can work in if they need to do something that I don't have to actually teach. We have also been working on a maps and globes lapbook from Hands of a Child. They are older now too so it's a lot easier. They are now able to read instructions and understand what they are to do. We have taken a few field trips to nature trails and such to keep them thinking and learning. It also gets us out of the house and gives us fresh air and refreshes our minds. Certainly it is not just about academics. Life has plenty of lessons for us as well. We have had a few deaths amongst our friends and family which helps the children learn compassion and kindness and how to give comfort. In being helpful in someone else's time of need, they learn to make application and importance of scriptural guidance. The lesson for me here is that I have learned that I am not a failure as a mother or a teacher. I am able to persevere under our circumstances and help the children learn thru life's lessons. Well guess that's all for now. Until next time. Hope its soon! Happy homeschooling!