Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well another week started. Thursdays and Fridays have not been very good school days. Seems those errands and interruptions have decided those days belong to them. This week we will be extra special busy. Starting Tuesday evening we will have a special week of activity. The ministry will be our main focus. It will be good for public speaking and volunteer work.

We will still try to do the 3 R's for school. Today was the boy's 1st composition. We began with something simple. A paragraph of only 3 sentences. Right now he is just adding adjectives. He is working on the format of a paragraph. He did some reading and language arts as well. I see alot of improvement from him since last year.

The girl read and worked on critical thinking and some language arts. She sure is reading a lot. and she has done a great job with her art. She is very creative. My shadow is in the way, but here is her interpretation of the scripture Matthew 19:6.

The hand around the wedding couple represents God yoking the 2 together.

Well that's it for today. Until next time!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Well, school has been slow going. Too much to do and too many interruptions. Last week I had to make preparations and clean up. We made tamales on Saturday. We really began on Friday. That's when I started putting meat in the crock pot. We also had a grown up sleepover. Mamo is really the tamale maker and she likes to get started at 7am so we can finish and be ready to eat by 5pm. There was no time for school except home ec. hehehe Then the kids can see how much work goes into making tamales. The fruits of our labor can be so worth it. YUM!

Monday we worked on some reading and language arts. Today, the girl was not feeling well, but we did some school anyway. It was really fun and I couldn't wait to post about this. I had heard about online classes given in a webinar. I had never tried them. Science Jim had a free online class thru Currclick. It was fun and informative. Even my 8yr old enjoyed the class. It was on Atoms. It was very cool. I have just a few pictures posted. They didn't take notes, but I did. We did receive some info before we even had the class. Basically it was what he said in a 45 minute class, but on paper. If you ever get the chance to do this, I recommend it. We did not need a webcam for this class. Some do require it though. We were able to ask questions online too. Now don't look at the mess on my desk. hehehe It's about how attentive the kids were during the class. Another good thing was that we didn't have to get all dressed up to go out. It took place right there in front of our monitor. Science Jim was great!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Email and Other Online Reads

I don't know if you're like me, but I sure do get a lot of email. Yes, some of it is from the groups I'm on. Most of it is from online magazines. "What kind?" you ask. All kinds! Mostly homeschool things. I do have a few other things as well. Cooking, decorating, how to's, financial, you name it they are there. I was thinking about this because when I don't look at my email for a day or so, there could be hundreds. I rarely can go a week without looking. I have most of my groups on special notice. The other things seem to come in on a daily basis. I change around and get off email lists all the time of course. As the children have grown and things in life change, so do the emails. I no longer receive anything on preschool or how to homeschool. I have changed other online mags as well. When I begin to realize that I no longer care to look at one, I send a request to be unsubscribed from their list. Then when I look thru the ones I do have and I find an article I think I could use, I print it out and save it in my school planner. I usually just print pieces that I find helpful. Whether it be an idea on organization or tips for teaching handwriting. I use them as reminders. I even print out scriptures and/or supporting materials that I know I will be needing to read again one day. Does it sound like too much? Maybe. I know it helps me to have those things where I will see them. hehe As things keep changing in my life, I will continue getting off some lists and on to others. I'm sure I'm not the only one that does this. hehe

Now for school topic. We read books, worked on some math, did some home ec., and our weekly Bible reading. Nothing really to post about. Just the usual. They are doing well in their subjects and moving right along.

Btw, there is a great picture of a cave on the National Geographic POD on the right side of my blog.

Monday, September 7, 2009

A New Week

Well we started off like a firecracker. A big bang with lots of fun and color and ended with a fizz. hehehe Oh well. We schooled really well the 1st 3 days then a few things came up that we needed to get taken care of by the last 2 days of the week. Today is Monday and we missed it too. Well tomorrow is Tuesday and I hope and pray to be back on schedule. I have some math, writing, and science ready to go. It is the 2nd day of the week and I have to keep that in mind. Of course the whole world is on holiday today because it is Memorial Day. I wasn't planning on taking the day off but that's how it worked out. I'm ready. I hope they are too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

--------------------------------Hump Day!

Ok today is Wednesday. It's over and I am so glad. The boy and I got up at 7:30, but the girl didn't even budge until 8:30. It was the longest and hardest day so far. The boy was so moody that I had to keep reminding myself it's only the 3rd day. He was very upset about lunch. He wanted pizza and she wanted a taquito. The drama continued until around 5pm. Nope. No pictures today. hehehe I can only imagine the faces I'd see.

We did put in a full day of school. After breakfast we worked on Language Arts, Science, and Writing. We did some oral reading, chores, and a little more science with our wonderful new video. Today was still good. I hope we can still keep up our schedule. It's always a challenge since I'm a "stay at home" mom. hehehe


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

-------------------------------Another Day

I know it's only the second day, but it has gone very well. Especially since we are now waking at 7am. Yesterday I thought I would pass out by 1:30pm. Today we didn't feel sleepy until 3pm. We didn't nap because I was afraid we wouldn't be able to sleep. hehehe They are doing really well getting up so early. No grouches. Still going slow and easy. Math, reading, and some arts and crafts. We made some Happy Hanger Apples to decorate our school area. We will try to do some decorating monthly. It helps with their fine motor skills and of course it's fun. After we were done we went outside for some exercise for kids and mascot. Then we stayed outside and I read a book titled Schooled, about a homeschool kid, while they worked on some art. I am enjoying getting up early. It allows us more time for some fun.

---------------------1st Day of School!

Finally. I thought it would never get here. Even the kids missed school. Well you know what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder. hehehe Here are our 1st day of school pictures. We waited until 5:30pm to go by the water to take these.

They sure have grown. We had a great 1st day. Started nice and easy. A good breakfast with whole grains and fruit then a walk around the block. When we got back, the school mascot took a nap and we got to work. We sat on the sofa and cuddled while reading Tiki Tiki Tembo by Arlene Mosel. I know my babies are growing, but that's one of the perks about homeschooling. They still like to cuddle. Afterwards they worked on math, writing, and reading. Here is what the bulletin board looks like now. Don't forget, you can click on the pictures to enlarge.