Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something New

Ok, first of all, I just want to say that I changed my music playlist. I wanted it to reflect how I feel about my family....even if they do drive me CRAZY at times. hehehe

Now to get to what this blog is all about. We haven't been working on school too much except to do some writing, Bible reading, meeting prep, a little math, and art. Not much, right? hehehe
Today I will begin working on a schedule. Hopefully we will be able to keep up with it, but we will do our best. For me, I need things written down that I can see to help keep me on track. I am wanting to have at least 1 full day in the ministry so that must be included. Of course, we will still have out weekend for that as well, but since we are living in "critical times, hard to deal with" I thought this would be good for me. As soon as I get it all together, I will post my page on here. This is all the update I have for now. I may be on again later. hehehe