Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homeschool Spirit Day!!

Today was Comfy Cozy Day!  Of course, you know what that means.  Pajamas....for the boy anyway.   Nope the girl would not hear of it.   hehehe  Didn't surprise me.   That's what homeschool is all about.   Individuality, doing what works for you. 

So the boy decorated a megaphone then as you can see they schooled on my bed.  I remember when I was a kid, my mom's bed was where we wanted to be.   Even now, when we go visit, it's the place to go.   hehe

The girl was working on some math. 

Comfy on the bed, cozy as a family.  

Tomorrow is Crazy Sock Day!  Woo Hoo!   Go Homeschool!!

Happy Homeschooling!

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