Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A New School Year

We haven't officially started  yet, but we are preparing.  Should be starting next week.  We are actually getting excited.   There's a lot to do and not much time.   Then we are trying to salvage what's left of our time off.   We didn't really get much beach time.   We hope to include more trips this year.   Ds already has a long list of things to do.   Lol! 

By next week we should have a full schedule.  Hopefully I will find the time to post our new classes here.   Dd has already begun her elective.  Ds begins French next week.   They both will stay pretty busy for a while.  We look forward to the new year. 

Yesterday we took 1st day of school pictures.   They turned out really nice.  I might post those soon too. 

Well I think that's it for now.   Happy School Year!

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